Meet The Team



Out of Silver x Madonna, he looks very similar to his old man, about as Wild and Free as they come! He is one of the most outgoing dogs I have ever known, and will howl back at you when you call his name.  U-Turn was the veteran escort on all three of my yearling races in 2016, as well as our 2017 Copper Basin run, and he has done an amazing job setting a good example for those younger dogs.  This guy is the oldest in our team, he has the well deserved respect of his younger team mates.



Another son of Silver.  He is a super hard worker, and the best eater I know.  He is a lover, and gives incredible hugs, but he isn’t the best dog to have inside because he constantly jumps all over you demanding that you give him attention! Sasha was one of the veterans that I took on the 2016 and 2017 Copper Basin 300.  He finished the 1000 mile Yukon Quest with Brent when he was two years old, and he just finished the 2017 Iditarod with Mats Pettersson.



Out of Silver x Chicken, one of the many 'Elements' that these two created, and he was part of their last litter together. He was a standout yearling in 2016 and turned out to be one of my best leaders in a group that was dense with dogs that wanted to lead. He is extremely loyal and would follow me to the moon if I asked it of him.  He is a rambunctious little fella, with pointy ears and long guard hairs, and he wags his tail in circles when he is really excited.



Wyatt is from the Wild and Free Tombstone litter. His mom is a Yukon Quest Golden Harness winner, Sound.  His dad is a Jeff King dog named Kroner. He is a beautiful dog with a very unique personality. He is the most laid back dog I know, very calm and collected, and he basically melts when you approach him so that you'll pet his stomach. He turns it up with the best of them, seemingly saving his excitement and energy until he's hooked up and running. He is a natural leader with GREAT habits!