Thank You!

It is extremely humbling to reflect upon all of the individuals who have supported our endeavors over the past few years. From the incredible encouragement we receive from our friends and family to keep living this crazy life, to the legendary mushing mentors that we seem to be surrounded by, to all of the loyal and supportive facebook friends who truly are on our minds and in our hearts each and every time I snap a photo or write an article. We love you all, and even though our goal is a remote and autonomous lifestyle, it is not without complete appreciation for the spiritual connection that the dogs and I share with each and every one of you. From the very bottom of all of our hearts here at Freeborn Dog Mushing, thank you for being a part of this dream!


There really are a bazillion ways to join the team and show support:

  • Spread the word about Freeborn Dog Mushing by sharing our page or content on social media, or simply through word of mouth!

  • We graciously accept positive energy and friendly messages with words of encouragement!

  • Do you have an epic recipe to share? Know of any interesting podcasts/articles/or homesteading techniques? We love hearing about new music too!


You can support the team financially in several different ways:

  • The donate, simply click on the paypal button, and include you or your business' contact info in the note section provided

  • B.A.R.K. (Buy A Round of Kibble) for the team by going HERE

  • Become a Patreon supporter with a donation as little as $1 / month . Learn more HERE


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