Gobs of Snow and Spring Around the Corner

Believe it or not, winter is almost over! You know how I know? When we wake up in the morning for breakfast, it is no longer total darkness. The sun is returning to our lives, and Cal displays how we ALL feel! As planned, it has been an easy going winter for the Freeborn dogs, they're just the happiest bunch these days. Our plan is to be packing our entire lives into the new truck and dog box, rent a trailer, and head north to our Ester property come April.

There is a possibility that I will be spending a few weeks with the Juneau glacier crew, helping them prepare and build their glacier camp. This would be a solid option, so that the snow on my property can melt a bit more before I pitch a tent out there. I own a few small camping tents that I will set up, and my glacier supervisor, DALTON, gifted me a 12x14ft canvass wall tent made by Alaska Tent and Tarp! I will certainly be moving into this tent for the summer, while I work on building a small cabin. Once the cabin is up and dry, I can move into it, and use the wall tent and storage space. It is definitely a gift that I will utilize for years to come, thank you Dalton!

Ya know, I have a list of projects for the summer that NEED to get done:

1. Build small cabin - 12x12 or 12x16 with loft, I will likely stick frame as that is what I am most comfortable doing

2. Build an outhouse and dig a ditch! - This will be a priority first off lol

3. Build a dog yard that allows for MAXIMUM free run time - No more lousy chains! These dogs deserve better right?

4. Rough in a driveway - I likely wont be able to afford to gravel in my entire driveway this first year, but I can get someone to come with a dozer and plow it in. I will then have a few loads of gravel brought in as a beginning to the driveway and a place for my truck to be parked

5. Electricity? Maybe, maybe next year. This first year is gunna be ruffin it tho!

I plan to take you all along for the journey, and very much appreciate any words of encouragement or construction tips. ALSO, if you wanna come help me build, that would be great!

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