Favorite Photos From 2018

2018 is going to be pretty difficult to top. We completed the Willow 300 and brought home the coveted red lantern award (provided to the last team to cross the finish line), we completed the 1000 mile Iditarod in about 12 days, we spent the summer living at a remote glacier dog camp, I built my first guitar, I was able to travel back to the states to see almost all of my friends and family, I bought my truck and built a dog box for it, and we bought land near Fairbanks that will set us up to have a pretty interesting 2019..!

Here are a selection of my favorite photos/moments from our last trip around the sun.

Ya know, I've lived a seasonal life style for nearly seven years. This comes with a sort of perpetual state of anxiety, as I was always thinking forward towards the next season. Literally as one season was just starting to kick off, I would already be thinking about the next step. I think there is some lost productivity in there somewhere, most certainly lost focus. I have always felt a level of distraction from the task at hand, and I am very much looking forward to settling into the Fairbanks community with more of a long term approach towards our goals and ambitions.

We are in the heart of WINTER as I type, with this year's Willow 300 race in less than a month, and the end of the mushing season will be here my mid April, so the pressure is on to find a solid employment opportunity.

The land we are moving on to this spring is raw, so before the ground thaws and the ice all melts, we'll be camping out. Living in a tent isn't so bad, especially when most night out on the trail I just lay down on some straw next to the dogs.

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